Toner Gloss / Refresh

$85+ hr

Boost your color, reduce brassiness, enhance vibrancy or add depth to your color. Glossing hair does not lighten, add highlights, cover greys, and is not permanent.


Single Process

$100+ hr

Need to touch up your single color regrowth or cover up those new greys coming in at the root? Recommended every 6/8 weeks for maintenance.


Color Melt

$110+ hr

Color melting is a technique that is used to blend highlights or balayage into the root color in order to create a more gradual transition and subtler lines of demarcation.

The goal is ultimately to “melt” the colors so that they appear as though they are natural.

Balayage or Highlights or Blonding

$110+ hr

Balayage, Foils, Teasylights, Foilage, Babylights, Lowlights, Tip-outs or any other blonding technique.

All Highlights and Handpainting services include one toner and blowout.

*Pricing vary based on stylist level.

Special Events

Blowout Styling


Blow-dry includes scalp massage.

Add Flat Iron / Curling Iron  $10+

Hand Tied Extensions

$175+ hr

Hand-tied wefts are perfect for individuals who love the idea of having, thick, luxurious hair but are concerned with the idea of the extensions peeking through. These extensions, similar to machine tied wefts, are installed the same way, but have a more seamless look and feel, perfect for those with thin hair

Custom Tape-In Extensions

$175+ hr

Tape-in extensions are thin hair wefts, pre-taped, that get bonded in between your own hair and are bonded together like “sandwich” bonds. It is the most requested hair extension method in salons worldwide. This method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals and takes less than an hour to apply.
Tape-ins can be worn for 8-12 weeks with proper installation and care! Tape-Ins can be reused up to 3 times.


Curly Dry Cut

$90+ hr

So what is a curly cut anyway? Typically, a curly cut is a dry haircut for people who wear their hair in its natural curl pattern.

Short / Medium / Long / Haircuts

$75+ hr

Each of our expert stylists possesses an extensive range of skills and is adept at creating a customized style to suit your lifestyle and look.

Barber Cuts

$85+ hr

For those clipper fades or scissor over comb cuts on super short hair.


Keratin Smoothing Treatment


Help your hair stay silky and improve the ease of your blow out. This is a formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment that makes your hair more manageable on a daily basis. It’s not a straightener, but it will keep your luscious locks in perfect performance. This treatment lasts 3-5 months, and is recommended to take home care.



Redken Acidic Bonding Treatment


If your hair has become dry or damaged, it’s important to remember that you can hydrate, strengthen and restore your strands with the right haircare regimen, this treatment will transform hair with instantly visible results​.

Luxury Treatment


We offer a variety of treatment types that focus specifically on your hair needs. Preventative, Restorative, or Re-balancing. Benefits include softer, shinier, easier to manage hair.